Massager BlastFOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY you can buy the world’s first automatic penis massager and save 10-15% off of the normal price of $99.95.

The Massager Blast will sooth, stimulate, and massage your penis with metal beads running up and down the length of a luxurious inner masturbation sleeve.  It will realistically simulate real sex whilst allowing you to practice improving your stamina in the safest and sexiest way possible.

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The Autoblow Penis Massager

The Autoblow Penis Massager is the world’s first automatic male massager.  Motorized beads glide up and down your erect penis, exerting just the right amount of pressure to simulate the feeling of having it sucked or ridden.  After just a few minutes of turning the machine on, the Autoblow will have you turning the speed up to max as you experience the greatest orgasm that any male sex toy can bring you.

The Autoblow is also the best penis massager on the market for sexual training and for overcoming problems such as premature ejaculation.  Its gentle automatic sucking motion will have your semen bursting to explode out of your penis after only minutes, yet with its fully adjustable speed and easy (and safe) ability to switch on and off, you can eaisily train yourself to last just a little bit longer each time.

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Guardian Penis Pump

Guardian Penis Pump – $46.49

Penis Pump – Guardian and its keeper – $ 46.49

From: Web Merchants Inc.

Penis Pumps are male massagers that are designed to get your dick erect and hard, ready to pleasure a sexual partner, rather than masturbation or penis massage toys in themselves.  That said, quality penis pumps do deliver a sensual massage that can  bring you to orgasm in themselves.  A great one to check out is the ‘Guardian penis pump and it’s keeper’ available for less than $50 at Eden Fantasys

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The Mastomatic Penis Massager

The Mastomatic is an automatic hands free penis massager and masturbation machine.  Give your penis a treat!  Just lie back, switch on, and instantly feel your cock being massaged and pumped by the mastomatic’s luxurious smooth feel.

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